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Bent Bottles 
At BENT we believe that organic products stand out.  We are dedicated to using organic nutrients for our plants, organic products in our processing, and organic ingredients in our drinks.   It is our mission to provide products that are not only infused with Cannabis, but that taste delicious.  We are in this industry for the love of it, and hope that you can taste that love in everything we produce.



 Berry Bottle

Berry Bomb

Berry Bomb has the pleasant flower aroma of both roses and hibiscus. It has a sweet mixed berry front flavor followed by a tart cranberry finish. The tartness of the cranberry compliments the sour apple taste of the kombucha. It is extremely crisp and refreshing.
 Mate Bottle

Mate' Karate'

Mate’ Karate’ has the traditional ‘grassy’ aroma with a hint of jasmine. It has a sweet tropical taste that is complimented with earthy flavors from the yerba mate’. It finishes crisp with notes of green apples. Yerba Mate’ is extremely healthy and is great for an energy boost.
 Momo Bottle

Momo 'Peach' Ginger

Momo Ginger has a peach aroma with a hint of earthiness and spice from the ginger. It tastes of peach and oranges in front and quickly transitions into a dry ginger flavor. It finishes dry with notes of peach that come back through. It is great for detoxifying the body due to the natural benefits of ginger.