BENT Company Info

BENT Beverage is a cannabis beverage and processing company from Bend, Oregon.  We distribute throughout Oregon.  Check our map to see the current dispensaries carrying our product.  All of our products are under the 15mg recreational amount, and can be purchased by anyone over 21 years old.

BENT's Core Beliefs

We are dedicated to always produce the highest quality organic products.
We are community driven and believe that helping people is the right thing to do.
We believe in the healing powers of Cannabis, and will not stop promoting the magical plant.
We work to minimize our footprint through sustainable business practices.
Life is about having fun, but is also about providing.  Our business is built on both philosophies.


BENT's Owners

Gary Kick2 


Dank Cannabis Grower, Sales and Marketing Master

Gary is a true connoisseur of Cannabis.  He’s always researching new strains, methods of growing, and ways to improve the industry.  Over the last several years he has been developing his farm, Sunset Butte. Sunset Butte represents Gary’s dedication towards building a sustainable, organic farm.

Gary embodies the spirit of happiness and hard work, but don’t let that fool you…he will karate kick your face off!



The Prez, Brewing Master

Tony loves good beverages and good people.  He loves the art of creating fermented drinks and food.  Over the last several years he has transformed his brewing hobby into BENT.  Some of the best times of his life were spent among good friends, good brews and good buds.  He is stoked to be able to put that passion in a bottle.  He is dedicated towards reducing the company’s footprint, while grinding to make sure everyone can get BENT.

Tony has a caring and analytical spirit, but he will SMASH…only in a good way!

The History

Gary and Tony had the brainchild of BENT late one night in 2015.  They were enjoying some of Tony’s homebrews and some of Gary’s cannabis when the bulb illuminated.  Gary provided Tony with some trim to start experimenting with.  After some cannabis processing and a brew session, Tony sent a case of cannabis beer back to Gary.  They both flew through their cases and it was off to the races.